AP Saints Netball Club Safeguarding Policy (word document)

AP Saints Netball Club Policy on the Taking and Use of Photographic and Recorded Images of Young People (word document)

AP Saints Netball Club Policy on CRB Checks (word document)

AP Saints Netball Club Parent/Legal Guardian’s Guide (word document)

AP Saints Netball Club Young Person’s Guide (word document)

Safeguarding Issues

The current AP Saints Club Safeguarding Officer (CSO) is Jancyn Gardiner.

If any club member or parent wishes to contact the CSO, they should send an email to apsaintssafeguard@gmail.com marked “For Club Safeguarding Officer – Confidential”. This will be dealt with in confidence.

If any player, parent or guardian considers that there has been a breach of our safeguarding policy they should send an email to apsaintssafeguard@gmail.com marked “Complaint – for Club Safeguarding Officer/Confidential”. The CSO will respond to you in writing asap.

Emergency Procedures

There is always a coach trained in first aid at training sessions and matches. We always have a first aid kit at training/matches and the coaches are responsible for bringing a charged mobile to training sessions so that they can call a parent, and/or the emergency services, in case of an emergency. In the event of an accident or incident the injured player will be attended to immediately.

The parent/guardian will be called if it is necessary. Any injuries such as sprains, any head injuries and injuries necessitating a visit to A & E will be written up on the accident/incident form by the attendant coach and the parent/guardian will be informed immediately. Head injuries will be dealt with in accordance with the England Netball concussion policy.


Complaints of any nature will always be dealt with seriously by AP Saints Netball Club. Any complaints, including any regarding the behaviour of club members, staff or volunteers should be submitted in writing to the secretary. The committee will meet to hear complaints within 7 days of the complaint being lodged. Please see Club Constitution for further details.